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Dhan Bahadur

The Living Legend “JUNGEE BUDA”

Some of our colleagues from Mytrip2nepal recently travelled to the place called “Chitlan” from where the first car was brought down to Kathmandu back in 40’s. There they met a legendary person named DHAN BAHADUR GOLE, 91 years old, nick name “Jungge Buda” one and only known surviving car porter among 64 other car carrier.


“HOLIKA” In Short Holi

Holi festival long ago started as a celebration after the death of mythical demon named Holika, in short Holi. The Mythical Story of Holi goes as follows: There was a demon named Hiranyakasyapu, father of Praladh, who started to think himself as a Lord of Universe and wanted everyone to worship him .


“ADVENTURE” Another Name Of Nepal

Being at the top of the world and surrounded by Himalayas Nepal offers variety of adventurous and outdoor activities to those who takes their hobby as an adventure challenge. The diverse landscape has some of the best sites for these activities, extreme and powerful rivers, mountains ranges, clear blue sky, tough and challenging treks, breath taking lakes and rivers to raft and boat, and a wild topography to travel around.